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– Mental Health / Substance Abuse – 

Child and Adult Targeted Mental Health Case Management Services

Mental Health case management services address the unique needs of an adult or child who is experiencing mental health concerns and provide for obtaining, coordinating and implementing mental health services. Case managers can also assist in referrals to employment support or housing programs. To be eligible for case management, a person must have completed a Diagnostic Assessment or assessment update with a mental health professional within the past six months indicating the presence of a Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (for adults) or a Severe Emotional Disturbance (for children) in order to meet criteria to receive case management.

To request mental health case management for children or adults contact :





Chemical Dependency Services

Effective July 1, 2022, legislation went into effect replacing Rule 25 assessments with ‘comprehensive assessments’. Rule 25 assessments are no longer be available in Minnesota, and Western Prairie Human Services does not provide the new comprehensive assessments. Instead, Western Prairie Human Services now provides Treatment Coordination. Individuals with SUD often experience needs in other life areas (e.g. medical, mental health, family, employment, criminal justice, housing, finances), and treatment coordination addresses these issues concurrently to improve treatment outcomes. Treatment coordination is a person-centered treatment service involving the deliberate, collaborative planning of SUD services with the client and other professionals involved in the client’s care.  


Treatment coordination may include:

  • Assistance in locating a provider to complete a comprehensive assessment.

  • Assistance in coordination with family, friends, and providers to help in the treatment planning process.

  • Assistance in coordination with and follow-up for medical services as identified in the treatment plan.

  • Facilitation of referrals to substance use disorder services as indicated by the client’s medical provider, comprehensive assessment, or treatment plan.

  • Facilitation of referrals to mental health services as identified by a client’s comprehensive assessment or treatment plan.

  • Assistance with referrals to economic assistance, social services, housing resources, employment services, prenatal care, etc, according to the client’s needs.

  • Life skills advocacy and support accessing treatment follow-up, disease management, and education services, including referral and linkages to long-term services and supports as needed.


For more information about Treatment Coordination, contact us at 320-634-7755.

Alcoholics Anonymous Minnesota website:

Alcoholics Anonymous helpline (866) 423-2969.

Sliding fee eligibility worksheet

211 East Minnesota Ave., Suite 200
Glenwood, MN 56334
1-800-291-2827 or 320-634-7755

15 Central Ave N
Elbow Lake, MN 56531

1-800-291-2827 or 218-685-8200

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