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- How To Become Licensed -

  1.  Applicant Letter

  2.  MN Adoption and Child Foster Care 

  3. Background Study
    *Required for all persons in the household over the age 13
    and all substitute care providers, Finger prints are required

  4.  Individual Fact Sheet 
    (Individual Fact Sheet must be opened using internet explorer) 

  5.  Home Study Questionnaire

  6.  Policy Forms
    6a- Complaint and Grievance Procedures
    6b- Discipline Policy
    6c- Alcohol & Drug Use Policy

  7. Foster Care Agreement

  8.  Statement of intended use

  9.  Floor Escape Plan

  10.  Home Safety Checklist

  11.  Mandatory Trainings  (see next tab)

  12.  Water test

  13. 6 Hours of orientation meetings with licensor

  14. Turn in a copy of animal vaccinations

  15. Fire Marshal Request form
    *($50/Money order or certified to Fire Marshal)

  16.  Child Foster Care Training Log 

  17. CFC Orientation Manual

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