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How to Renew

How to Apply

There are different ways to apply for MA, depending on what type of coverage you need. It's important to use the correct application form.

The form to use depends on your health care needs.  Use the link below to find the appropriate application form based on the descriptions provided. Paper application forms


If you have questions or would like a Health Care Application mailed to you, call our 2 offices:

Checking Blood Pressure

211 East Minnesota Ave., Suite 200
Glenwood, MN 56334
1-800-291-2827 or 320-634-7755

15 Central Ave N
Elbow Lake, MN 56531

1-800-291-2827 or 218-685-8200

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Two programs that are run by Minnesota Health Care Programs
and provided for low-income residents are:

  • Medical Assistance (MA) - Minnesota’s Medicaid program

  • MinnesotaCare - a program for residents who do not
    have access to affordable health care coverage

The MNsure marketplace is where Minnesotans can find,
compare, choose, and get complete health coverage that best
fits their needs and budget. MNsure is the one place to find out
if you qualify for a low-cost or free plan.

MNSURE Contact Center

Whether you currently buy health insurance on your own, or are uninsured, you can use MNsure.
To apply, follow this link: MNSURE


WPHS offers PrimeWest and Blue Plus for managed
care for Medical Assistance recipients:

WPHS offer PrimeWest and Blue Plus for
managed care for MinnesotaCare recipients:




Health Care Access Plan (Medical Mileage)

Did you know as a recipient of Medical Assistance you could qualify for reimbursement for your trips to your medical provider?

You can call your Managed Care organization for authorization:

PrimeWest Enrollees: Call Kaizen at 1-888-814-6643

Blue Plus Enrollees: Call Blue Ride at 1-866-340-8648

Straight MA/Fee For Services Enrollees: Call MA Mileage Coordinator at 1-320-634-7756

2022 WPHS MA Mileage Trip Log 

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