- How To Become Licensed -

Thank you for your interest in Family Child Care Licensing. 

Please start by reading and/or printing our New Applicant Letter HERE.

Review the Guide to Becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Provider. HERE


After reading our New Applicant Letter, and Guide you will need to download the following documents:


  1. Family Systems Licensing Application 
    *needs to be NOTARIZED

    1. Special Family Child Care Program Plan

    2. Special Family Child Care Primary Provider of Care​​

  2. Background Study Data Collection Form and Letter 
    *Required for all persons in the household over the age
    13 and all substitute care provider


  3. Return Above Documents
    (1. Family Systems Licensing forms and
    2. Background study form to Social Services.)     
    *You will receive a phone call from the Western Prairie Human Services
    after these forms are turned in.


  4. Drug & Alcohol Policy 

  5. Grievance policy

  6. Privacy rights (signed/dated)

  7. Physicians Statement

  8. Fire Marshal request Form ($50/money order or Certified
    check to State fire Marshal) 
    *The Licensor will send you this directly

  9. Family Child Care Licensing Requirements

  10. Floor Escape Plan

  11. Turn in a copy of animal vaccinations

  12. Policy & Procedure Complete 

  13. Child Admission forms packet completed

  14. MN Family Disaster/Emergency Plan

  15. Water Test 

  16. Workman’s Comp Form

  17. Mandated Reporter Policy 

    DHS Licensed Family Child Care Resource and Forms Page